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Maintenance Tips

Finally your room is finished and your furniture is postioned making your room feel like a showroom with the brand new floor covering.

MJ Flooring Services believe that your room should stay in this condition as long as possible and with a little care your floor can last longer.

Below are just a few tips that should give you a head start...

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Maintaining Your New Laminate Flooring
, By Mike

When moving heavy furniture on laminate flooring ensure all furniture is lifted and not dragged, dragging furniture will scratch and mark the laminate flooring.

Use felt pads under any furniture legs, this will prevent the laminate flooring being scratched and marked.

If you are purchasing furniture or chairs with castors ensure you buy the “soft” castor variety.

When hoovering your laminate floor make sure your hoover and attachment settings are on the hard surface setting.

When cleaning your laminate floor never submit your floor to wet cleaning, if you have any stubborn marks using a damp cloth should remove these with ease.

Never use any abrasive cleaning materials, these types of cleaning materials can damage the laminate effect on your laminate flooring, and you will find they will either fade or split over time.

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Maintaining Your New Vinyl Flooring
, By Mike

Do not drag any large kitchen appliances on your vinyl as this could split or tear through your vinyl.

Do not wear stiletto heeled shoes on vinyl flooring as they can pierce through the vinyl and after time can rip or tear.

Use felt pads under any furniture legs that are placed on your vinyl, this will help prevent scratches, dents and tears.

Hoovering, sweeping and mopping your floor daily will keep your vinyl in good condition, and prevent the shine and colour from fading.

If you spill oil or grease on your vinyl salt the area and leave for an hour, after an hour sweep up the salt and wash the vinyl as usual, finally dry the area well with a cloth or kitchen towel.

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Maintaining your new carpet
, By Mike

If disaster strikes and mud is walked into your brand new carpet, don't panic and try to clean it straight away, leave the mud to dry and then vacuum the area. If the carpet still shows residue of mud rub the carpet with your hand, this will lift the dirt particles from the fibres, then finally vacuum again as normal.

Never drag heavy furniture on a carpet, this can either tear or stretch the carpet, always make sure you lift heavy furniture when in a carpeted room.

To prevent indentation in your carpet move your furniture at least once a month, your furniture only needs to be moved as little as 1 centimetre from the its previous position.

If your room gets a lot of sunlight you may wish to consider purchasing blinds, carpets tend to fade after a period of time when they are subjected to sunlight.