MJ Flooring Services

Carpet Fitting in Grindley Brook

MJ SERVICES is a well established and reputable Carpet Fitting business servicing many homes and offices in and around the Grindley Brook area.

MJ SERVICES can assist you with your entire floor covering fitting needs and requirements.

We have many years of experience in the fitting of carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl's, laminate and real wood floors t o every size and shaped room imaginable, no matter what floor covering you require to be fitted in your Grindley Brook home or the size of the room, MJ SERVICES can help you with every aspect of your Carpet Fitting requirement.

Throughout our many years of service MJ SERVICES have come to understand the individual needs of every customer, MJ SERVICES will not only fit your floor covering in your Grindley Brook property to the highest standards possible, we will also find ways in which we can help you save money.

As an independent Carpet Fitting Team having firsthand knowledge of how the larger Carpet Shops add extra hidden costs to your already pricey floor covering bill, we can save you money on such things as delivery charges.

Did you know that some carpet shops will charge as much as £30.00 extra for you to have your carpet or wood flooring delivered to your Grindley Brook home, when it is in fact the team of fitters who will be bringing it with them on the day they are due to fit your new floor covering. If you’re only having a small room fitted in your Grindley Brook property, this may almost double the total cost of your floor covering. MJ SERVICES will be more than happy to collect your carpet, or any other floor covering you may have ordered from any shop within a 20 mile radius of your home for no extra charge.

If you are looking to purchase a carpet that requires underlay many carpet shops will try and sell you the most expensive underlay available, this isn't always necessary sometimes buyer a more expensive carpet and a cheaper underlay can save you a vast amount of money. By contacting MJ SERVICES before you purchase the carpet for your Grindley Brook property we can advise you on the best choice possible to suit your needs and your budget.

For a fast, friendly and professional service contact MJ SERVICES Carpet Fitting, we are always happy to help.