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Environmentally Friendly Disposal of Old Floor Covering

Recently the disposal of old flooring has become a subject people are taking more notice of, this isn't just because people have suddenly become more Eco Friendly, but the local tips are now starting to charge everyone for disposing of old carpets, tiles and laminate.

MJ Flooring Services will still dispose of your old floor covering for you upon your request, although there are other options you can consider to re-use your old flooring if you don't want to dispose of it at the local landfill site.

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If your flooring isn't in too bad of a condition there are several local charities throughout Shropshire and the surrounding area, the charities will gladly receive any old flooring that may still be used to help those less fortunate than others.

There are also several websites on-line, for instance freegle is a yahoo group set up for people throughout Shropshire who no longer have a use for items, by posting a message on freegle your message can then be read by any member, if someone is interested they will then send you a message and arrange a convenient time for collection.

If you would like to re-use your old floor covering there are several things you can do with it.  Your old Vinyl floor covering can be used for a pond liner, or even worktop surfaces in your garage or shed.  Hardwood flooring can be used for many things in the garden and your garden shed, old hardwood flooring is ideal for shelving in your garden shed or garage.  

If you are still concerned regarding the Environmentally Friendly disposal of your old floor covering contact your local authorities, they will usually organise to collect your old flooring from you and dispose of it in an Eco Friendly way.