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If you are measuring the area for your new carpet yourself add on 10 cm to each length just in case the shop or manufacturer cut the carpet slightly too short.

If your room is an awkward shape for instance you have alcoves etc it is best to get in a professional fitting company like MJ Flooring Services or an estimator from your local carpet shop.

When choosing a carpet for your Shropshire property make sure you speak to someone if you don't know the best carpet to buy to meet your needs and requirements.  The sales staff in the shops will be able to help you with the right type of carpet to buy although you may find they point you in the direction of the more expensive carpets, which in many cases isn't always necessary.

Don't be talked into buying the most luxurious and expensive underlay, its not always necessary depending on what carpet you purchase, spending a little more on your carpet and buying a cheaper underlay can save you a vast amount of money.

When paying for your carpet check to see what's included, some carpet shops offer you delivery and other materials you will need to fit your carpet, what they don't tell you is if you have arranged for their fitting teams to fit your carpet they will still charge you for delivery even though the fitters will be bringing the carpet with them.  

You will also find buying gripper, underlay, spray glue and other materials you may need is cheaper when brought from a fitting company such as MJ Flooring Services than if bought directly from a carpet shop.  Fitting companies purchase all their materials from a trade counter which enables them to offer customers trade discount on any materials including underlay.  Depending on the materials this can sometimes be a considerable saving.

If you have any more questions or queries on the what to do when purchasing a new carpet contact MJ Flooring Services, we will gladly offer you free expert advice on the best carpet to buy to suit your needs and requirements.