MJ Flooring Services

Case study - Landlord & Carpets

In September 2007 MJ Flooring Services were contacted by James in Shrewsbury regarding the fitting of several carpets and vinyl's throughout his property in Shrewsbury.  James had not yet purchased the floor coverings, and asked us for our advice on the most suitable floor coverings for the property.  After a conversation between James and ourselves we found out James was a landlord, and the property in question was to be rented out to a new tenant, the tenant had no family but they did have a dog. 

Keeping in mind the floor covering was for a rented property, and there would be a dog living in the house, MJ Flooring Services advised James the most suited carpet for his needs was a Polypropylene Carpet, not only is this type of carpet hard wearing, but if necessary bleach can be used to remove stubborn stains without damaging the carpet.  MJ Flooring Services also advised James that a vinyl floor covering would be the best choice for the kitchen and bathroom in the property as it too is hard wearing and easy to clean.

After a couple of days James contacted MJ Flooring Services again asked us to view the property and measure the areas in need of new floor coverings, upon contacting James with the measurements James asked MJ Flooring Services if we would order the new carpets and vinyl's for him and eventually fit them throughout the property.

Within a week the carpets had been purchased and fitted, the house was now completely transformed with new carpets and vinyl flooring throughout, and ready for the new tenants to move in.  Since this first project MJ Flooring Services has fitted carpets and vinyl's throughout a number of properties in Shropshire for James.