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Case Studies


MJ Flooring Services Case Studies page details the work undertaken for 3 of our customers in Shropshire. When compiling our case studies we tried to detail a diversity of situations that can arise, the advice we provided our customers, and the solutions we undertook to solve any problems that arose.

Landlord & Carpets

In September 2007 MJ Flooring Services were contacted by James in Shrewsbury regarding the fitting of several carpets and vinyl's throughout his property in Shrewsbury.  James had not yet purchased the floor coverings, and asked us for our advice on the most suitable floor coverings for the property.  After a conversation between James and ourselves we found out James was a land...

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The Spare Room

MJ Flooring Services was contacted by Jean in July 2006, Jean had been referred to MJ Flooring Services by a family member who had recently had a new carpet fitted.  Jean had recently moved into a new property and needed a carpet fitting in her spare bedroom, everything seemed straight forward until Jean mentioned she had taken the measurements for her new carpet herself, and had forgott...

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Bathroom Fitting

Steve contacted MJ Flooring Services in January 2010 after purchasing a new vinyl flooring for his newly fitted bathroom.  We went and collected the vinyl from the carpet shop for Steve, and brought it to his Shropshire property with us on the day we had agreed to fit the vinyl. After laying the vinyl out in the bathroom it became apparent the vinyl was too small for the area, we measure...

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