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MJ Flooring is a well established and reputable carpet fitting company based in Shropshire, we fit carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring to private and commercial properties throughout Shropshire and the neighbouring towns and villages.

Our rates are very competitive and beat many if not all of the fitting prices charged by the large carpet shops and other carpet fitting companies in the Shropshire area. So if you live in Shropshire or the surrounding area and you're in need of a professional, fast and friendly carpet fitter to suit your budget then we can help.  

For a No Obligation Chat or Quotation - Please complete the contact form on our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible,

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MJ Flooring can save you money in many different ways, if you need new flooring but you're not sure what best suits your need, before you commit yourself give us a call and we will give you free no obligation advice to help you choose what type of flooring is best suited to meet your needs and your budget.  

Unfortunately many carpet and flooring shops advertise that they can offer you a great deal such as free fitting when you buy their carpet and underlay, but don't be fooled, there is no such thing as free fitting, they still have to pay their fitters.  The only way they are able to offer you such a "Great" deal is by bumping up the price of the carpet or even doubling up the price of the underlay and door bars, but don't worry as we can help you with those too.  As a sole trader we can get underlay and door bars at cost price and more often than not with the cost of our fitting and the price we charge you for the underlay and door bars you will still save a substantial amount of money on the overall cost.     

As we don't sell carpets we have nothing to gain by advising you to buy a certain type of flooring or carpet, we don't have sales targets we have to meet like sales staff in carpet and flooring shops, instead the only reason we have to give you advice is to help you choose the best floor covering solution for your needs and your budget and to hope that you were happy with our service so that you contact us the next time you need a carpet fitter.

We work with flooring on a daily basis and see first hand the state carpets and other floor coverings can get in when used in a variety of different rooms and different types of properties, and it's only through many years of this do we know exactly what type of floor covering is better than others in different situations.

For example if you have young family or pets the idea of a nice light carpet may sound appealing, but unless you purchase the right make and type of carpet that's easy to clean and hard wearing, you may find yourself replacing your carpet within months of having a new one fitted.  The same could be said for a room that has a lot of people walking through it, you would be best having a hard wearing carpet with a pile that doesn't become flat the more use it gets.

We are here to help you save money, but that doesn't mean we cut back on quality, our fitters will never leave a property until the customer is 100% happy with the service we have provided, a high quality customer service means everything to us.

Throughout the many years since we first started we have fitted numerous carpets, vinyl's and laminate flooring to a wide variety of commercial and private properties in Shropshire, instead of reading what we think of our high quality workmanship and the professional and friendly service we provide, why not click here and take a look at our customer testimonials page to see what our customers have wrote about their experience with MJ Flooring